Heather Heaton

Documentary Photographer




Heather was ten when she received her first camera. “Holding that small lime green colored Kodak box camera was magical. Being able to frame a part of life that continued long after the scene fell away was powerful.”  Eventually she went on to study art, concentrating in photography. She describes printing her first image as one of the most influential moments in her life. “As the image began to slowly appear, I was completely mesmerized and felt it was like giving birth.”

Heather has always been drawn to capturing the feelings and emotions of the human condition. She aspires to create images that allow us to find even the smallest affinity with people who may look, act, or live differently from us. Her hope is to reveal similarities we all share, such as our dreams, passions, difficulties, and fears with the end goal of tolerance, empathy, and especially compassion toward those who may not resemble us in our philosophy and appearance.